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Terra Aquaponics is an aquaponic system based on environmental, health, energy business. Because the population is growing, the food and energy consumption gradually imbalances. Our company is committed to relieve the food and energy crisis, and to establish a sustainable cycle mode. We hope that this system will bring to each city, so that people can eat healthier and have a surplus of food, and do the more efficient allocation of food. Each Terra building is equipped with this system in the roofs with the production, recovery, regeneration, recycling, and solar energy systems. It is an endless supply system and simultaneously supplied to the restaurant and network distribution. On the roof of each building will be different crops grown, and then via the central network for the deployment and purchase. 

In this identity, we're trying to use 'rounded' typeface, because rounded in visual language represent sustainable and cycles. But on the other side, rounded also represent cute and playful. So this is the first thing that I need to be very careful about. And the second thing is the brand value, it should reflect in the identity. 

But we will also keep the simple style of the logo, we'll use color to elaborate the 'aquaponic' meaning. ( Terra's green and blue represent the aquaponic ) The third thing that we need to show in this identity is the 'macro' look of the business. we're trying to build a 'big cooperation' look when people look first at this identity. And it means we need to avoid playful logo mark or fonts. we need to use something general but sophisticated. The last is technological look and feel. Because aquaponic business is a kind of future

thought, therefore, in this identity we are trying to show the futuristic attribute.

Terra ( Mother Earth ) is a goddness of the earth in Greeks myth. Visually, when we think about earth, we might have two colors in our mind, one is blue and another one is green. These colors also represent aquaponic (vegetable and fish). For the meaning part, Terra is a goddess of earth, so it also represent breeding lifes, feeding, and protection. For us, Terra also represent futurity.

We may not change the world​

But we can make it a better place.

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